DAY 339

TODAY CAN BE DESCRIBED WITH ONE WORD: bagels. Woke up around 9, answered emails for an hour, then walked to Choices Market and bought some vegan herb and garlic bagels, then walked home and proceeded to eat bagels all day. I tried so many different combos I decided to film a video on the 4 fav ways that I discovered today. they were: avocado + tomatoes + rosemary + chilli powder/ hummus + sauerkraut + cucumbers/ PB + J + strawberries/ maple butter + banana + dark chocolate (which I could only had for breakfast cuz of the caffeine) Then when my mom came home, I made some for her too, and used up all my bagels. So I went back to the store, and made some more for me for lunch and for my dad's lunch. Then I mad 4 really pretty and had a bit of a photoshoot with them, it was fun hehe. And by then it was time to make dinner, and my mom and I made dinner for the fam. My big bro even came home and it was awesome to see him again since he doesn't live at home. Then we shared a box of cereal for dessert and called it a night. :)