DAY 340

I found random things funny today. Well first of all this morning, while I was walking to Whole Foods, I saw SO many cute babies. I feel like I was attracting them because all I saw when I looked around was smiling wide eyed babies with pudgie faces, and they all made me smile and laugh. Then randomly I found a fig tree, and I found it so funny that someone would try to plant a fig tree in Vancouver since the weather here just would not really allow for any figs to actually ripen. Then the cashier at Whole Foods told me he was on his break in 5 minutes, and if I'd want to grab coffee with him. Found that pretty amusing too since I literally looked like a homeless person. And after getting home, and making myself lunch, I also made some veggie sandwiches to take to my parents so they wouldn't eat anything non vegan ahha. And on my way over I was listening to the Approaching The Natural podcast, and Sid said something that I thought was really interesting. He said, you know what, sometimes it's okay to be bored.

We're all so stimulated these days, and bombarded with distractions 24/7 that anytime we have an empty space in our day or minds, we instantly seek to fill it. But what if we just sat with that emptiness and boredom? What would arise from that?


Anyways, it got me thinking, and I found it super intriguing. Spent the afternoon eating Teddy Grahams, making swt potato banana bread, and editing a video, then around 4 I went to visit my FAV DANCE TEACHER Marlowe! My childhood was spent basically at my dance studio, and she watched me grow from a pre school ballerina, to a young adult. She was like a second mother to me, and gave me a home and place where I felt safe, and I will always remember that. She truly is an incredible human, and I always visit her when I'm in town. She looked beautiful as always, and was so interested to hear all about my travels. She told a story of me back when I was just 6, a year after I started dancing at her studio. She said she came up to me and asked how I was liking dance, and I had apparently replied that it was alright but that I was bored.

She said it was from that moment that she knew I was gonna work hard ahah. So she said that the next year, she just put me in an age group that was above mine to give me more of a challenge, and from my memory, that's when the real fun began ahah. 

I actually learnt so much about Marlowe today that I had no idea about even though I've known her since I was 5. So turns out before she started her dance studio, she started her own coffee shop when a knee surgeon told her she would never dance again. But after a friend begged her to sub a dance class for her, Marlowe realized that even though she swore to never teach, she actually realized she enjoyed it! So from there, she started a full time teaching position then after a lot of hard work she started her own studio: dance co, aka my second home. 


And after that wonderful visit, I headed out for SUSHI with my new friend Brock. So super exciting.... Brock has NEVER had sushi, EVER. So I felt honoured to show him the ropes on how to "sushi" haha. We went to my fav sushi place in Vancouver, Sushi Gallery. It's not veg but they have tons of vegan options, and I just love how creative they are. My fav roll there is the mango paradise roll. It has three of my fav things: mango, avo and yam. Like what more could you want in life?

And besides the sushi, Brock was so interesting! First of all he's the most amazing film maker, (he gave me so many film reccos), and has had the most interesting upbringing. He grew up all over the world but did all of his high schooling in Dubai. His way of describing Dubai really intrigued me and made me want to see it for myself. We then discussed the merits of all the different Disney movies, genres of music, food, and travel destinations. Also update on Brock's first sushi experience: he enjoyed it, but wasn't all that hungry so I ended up eating most of it ehhe. And because we had a roll leftover I packed it up to go, and while waiting for the bus, I ate a huge piece of sushi and was chewing my way through this ginormous piece of mango avocado sweet potato sushi, and made eye contact with a woman who was passing by, and the sight of me with my mouth stuffed full of sushi made her smile, and through my sushi stuffed mouth, I smiled and giggled at her smile. After getting home, I I ate pistachios and banana bread while watching The Fundamrntals of Caring with my mamma.