DAY 341

Today was pretty great. Started pretty lousy, I missed my alarm and wasn't able to go to my yin yoga class that I'd planned on. BUT I was determined to have a good day, so I put on some Two Door Cinema Club, had a lil jam sesh in my room, then started my day. Put on a cute outfit, had some pb and jam sandwiches, ran a few errands (went to the bank, returned a few items, saw my accountant, and bought a planner), got lunch at Meinhardts: some vegan curry and basamati rice. It was oily AF, but super tasty :P Right after I finished stuffing myself, it started pissing down rain, typical Vancouver so I ducked into a random cafe right beside it, and it turned out to be the nicest gem of a place.

Super open, bright, modern, and cozy at the same time. All the staff were so sweet and friendly, so I ended up ordering some mint tea and settling in there, to journal, and wait for my 3 o clock meeting. Someone asked me for my number at the cafe, and when I told him I didn't have a SIM card and therefore no number, I think he thought I was joking and was offended... ahahha oh well, twas the truth, lol. And soon enough, 3 rolled around and I finally met one of the lovely people behind the Vegan oil free cookie company: Livy's cookies. It was started by these 3 siblings just in Feb, and we're planning a delicious collab together hehe. And after that, I took the bus home in the rain, smiled at random people on the bus ahha, had a delicious warming dinner, a few sticky rice banana leaf chinese desserts, and watched some anime with my mom.