DAY 342


So today I went to a yoga class, and was pleasantly surprised when the sun came out in full force today. And because of that, my mom and I went to the park soaked up as much sun as we could, went to the markets, ate lots of delish food: including a swirl lollipop hehe.  On the outside my day was superbly simple and "boring" but in reality it was just beautiful. I spent so much quality time with myself and my mom today and it was much needed. Travelling is so incredible it's not even funny, but one thing that I found I lacked was enough alone time, or just quiet time. Most of the time for me, my travels involve action packed days, meeting new and old friends, and just having new experiences. And as exciting as that can be, it can also be incredibly draining, so I'm so thankful for this day of just peace and time with myself and my mamma. It was much needed. Also got to feast on so much dried mango, donut peaches, candy, pistachios, rice, veg, VEGAN POUTINE, banana bread, baked sweet potatoes, and some more dried mangoes. I spent the evening just chilling with my big bro since he came home for dinner, and it was perfect. And then my mom and I watched a disney movie while snacking on some dried pineapple and pistachios. Twas a good day.