DAY 343

It was SO sunny today. Thank the good lord. Today was another day eating cereal, walking with my mom, and listening to podcasts. But I did also get to see one of my best friends in the whole world Diane. I've been friends with her for 13 years, so really it's only 7 years of my life that i haven't been friends with her. Also I got a comment on my youtube that got me thinking. They were saying something along the lines of how vegans are all obsessed with food, and how I se it is, well some vegans/people in general are actually obsessed with food. But mostly, vegan youtubers just talk about food a lot because the vegan food or lack of vegan food is usually what distinguishes vegans from non vegans, so one of the most effective ways to spread this message is to show vegan food, and to show it in a positive light of it being delicious, tasty and simple. But I mean they do bring up some good points. Food, and taste in general can be over utilized by people as a way of deriving joy, I mean that's a fact, lots of us use food to feel happinessand comfort, and I'm not saying that that's wrong, but food shouldn't be the only way we derive joy. Taste is just one of our six senses, and there are so many other ways to experience and feel joy. We can yes taste delicious things, but we can also hear incredible music, or see out beautiful flowers, or smell the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and bananas that fills your house when you bake, and even feel the incredible warmth from a fire. And we can also derive joy from experiences not involving food, like having an inspiring conversation, or spending quality time with family and friends etc..


Anyways, in the theme of that topic, I wanna share some non food related parts of my day. I heard my little brother singing in the shower at the top of his lungs and it was simultaneously the cutest and most hilarious thing I've heard all year. Like he was legit singing, and giving it everything, it was just great. I listened to a ton of throwback songs like spice girls, Outkast, Pink, and other random songs. I sat in the sun today for over an hour and just felt so grateful for its warmth. It actually is what gives us all life. It allows the plants to grow which allows us to grow and survive. THANK YOU SUN, haha. I laughed until I almost choked on my saliva with my oldest friend Diane, and told her I loved her which I hadn't done in person in awhile. Mostly because I havent been in the same country as her for awhile lol. We talked about her plans and I'm so EXCITED FOR HER! She's a bad ass vegan who's gonna do so much good in this world. We also got to learn so much about each other, and it's so amazing that even after 13 years I'm still learning more and more each day that she's stronger and more loving than I thought.


Oh and as for my day that was food related it was epic as well. Went to Chau with Diane and got the best pho of my life, as well as these crispy fried spring rolls and curry. 


And after we got to my place, we just hung out in my room chatting, and all of a sudden we here someone just sprinting up the stairs and it was my mom ahha. she had gone out for a walk and when she saw Diane's car out front she got so excited that she booked it upstairs to give her a big ole hug and chat with us ahah. 


Oh and last topic I want to address is that my life is perfect. Someone emailed me saying they read my blogs (thank you) and that I have the perfect life so of course I'm grateful.

Look, objectively speaking my life is far from perfect, I just choose to focus on and appreciate what is good. For example today, someone spilt tea on my favorite shirt cuz they didn't see me and ran right into me ( they were texting hah) I had to wait 20 minutes longer than usual for my bus since the first two that came were full, and someones car alarm went off at 3 am so I had an awful sleep. But that's life, life isn't perfect, and I dont expect it to be.


Anyways, it's now 11, and it's bed time.