A Beautiful Mess - Thinking to Feeling with Brian

You know those people in life that you feel like truly see YOU, the you behind all the masks and layers that we pile on top of ourselves? Brian is one of those people to me. 

But first before anything, check out some of his yoga movement flow videos... he's AMAZING:


Today I got to sit down with Brian from @carew_movement, to chat about well... life. He shared his story of moving from thinking to feeling, we talked about our own insecurities, our own struggles, and what we've learnt about detachment, trusting, love, and beauty.


I enjoyed this conversation so much, Brian is just such a genuine wonderful human, and being able to share our conversation with you all brings me so much joy. It's a long one but listen till the end, there's some awesome nuggets of truth that I would love you all to hear.


Thank you all so much for listening, and as always, let me know your feedback by sending me a message on instagram @happyandhealthy96, or leaving a review on Itunes.



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Here's a video of Brian playing drums (his first love before movement), so talented eh??