A Beautiful Mess-Catlin: On God, Love, Grace & why we should embrace community

This was truly such an illuminating conversation for me, on Christianity, spirituality, and a personal relationship with the divine.

I just ask that you keep an open mind throughout the whole conversation, and trust that whether you believe the same beliefs Catlin has or not, take it from me, he is one of the most giving, kind people I know so lets tune in and listen to what he has to say.


I think the takeaway from this episode is, there are many roads that we can take on our spiritual journey, and most of them lead to the same place of unity, love, service and humility. And it's not about saying that one is right or the other is wrong, more about finding which one resonates with you, or maybe even forging your own unique path. 


Thank you all so much for listening, and as always, let me know your feedback by sending me a message on instagram @happyandhealthy96, or leaving a review on Itunes.