A Beautiful Mess - What is Beauty? How to Practice Self Love & Self Compassion

I am so excited to share this episode with you all, it's truly one of my all time favourite conversations. My friend Sian and I sat down and just dissected what our definitions of beauty mean to us, how we practice self love and mindfulness, and what it means to be patient and compassionate with ourselves and others in our life.

I dont want to say too much, because i'm just going to let this conversation speak for itself. I really hope you guys enjoy and get something out of it, and if you have any feedback or want to get in touch with me, message me on instagram @happyandhealthy96! Thank you all so much for listening, and for all the love and support, and as always, I'll talk to you guys next week.

Much Love,

PS: Sian's instagram is @thebusinessofyou, she's an amazing women, definitely give her a follow!