A Beautiful Mess- The Spiritual Practice of Being Vegan (With Anna Pippus & Zach Berman)

A Beautiful Mess- The Spiritual Practice of Being Vegan (With Anna Pippus & Zach Berman)

I’m so excited to share this episode with you guys, it’s one that’s been a while in the making and something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Today I’m joined with two of my best friends Anna and Zack to dive deep into the connection and the conversation around spirituality and being vegan we explore the disconnect that can often exist between people in the spiritual community and eating a vegan diet. But at the end the day we really just have an honest dialogue on how we can all be more kind, more patient, more present & more loving in our every day lives. We really had fun and let the conversation flow and go wherever it wanted to go and at the end the day we covered far more than I had planned. We talked about parenting and the spirituality of being a parent, we talked about how we practice mindfulness and we talked about how it’s always a practice and there’s never an end destination to strive for. Some thing that I think sums it up perfectly is: practice makes practice there is no such thing as practice makes perfect because there’s always more to learn more to improve and more to practice. I truly hope you guys enjoy this episode and let me know if you have any questions or any opinions that you want to share, and if there are differing opinions I’d love to hear them I’m always open to constructive criticism and hearing different perspective so shoot me a direct message on Instagram if you’d like to chat. thanks as always for listening and talk to guys soon.

And if you guys wanna learn more about Anna, she’s a mother of two an animal rights lawyer and activis,t and just a truly kind human being, but for more on Anna here’s a link to her site.

And if you missed my podcast episode with Zach, it’s episode #16.

And to follow both of them on social media their handles on Instagram are at @zacktuck and  @easyanimalfree.

Much love, and as always thank you for listening,

Steph. XX