A Beautiful Mess- Hillary McBride on Loving our Bodies, Eating Disorders & How to Live More Embodied.

How many of us live our lives truly in our bodies? Experiencing and present to everything we go through in life. How many of us are embracing embodiment and allowing ourselves to feel safe in ourselves through all that we feel, the joy and pain, the ease and struggle?


Todays conversation is a deep dive into Hillary McBride’s world of work as a Therapist, Researcher, Author & Speaker specializing in the field of Embodiment, body image, mother-daughter relationships, and how to live a more full life. We explore Eating disorders, the process and concept of loving ourselves and our bodies, the process of healing, and really at the end of the day - what it means to be human.

This is one of my favourite conversations of all time and Hillary has quickly become one of my biggest mentors and inspirations in my life.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hillary definitely check out her website and blog at http://hillarylmcbride.com/. And if you’re interested in reading her book, you can find it on Amazon here: Mothers Daughters, and Body Image.