I choose life.

One of my friends asked me why I'm so emotional, why I cry so often and feel so deeply. "Just try to turn your emotions off, stop being so sensitive" he says. "That way maybe you won't get hurt so often."

Now I know he meant well, but asking why I cry so often...

Well you might as well ask me why I laugh and smile and jump for joy so often. 

Because you see... for me to not feel everything I wouldn't be me. I am sensitive. I'm not afraid to admit that I am sensitive as heck, and I remember and internalize more than is good for me, I know that, i do. but telling me to let that part of me go would be akin to telling me to cut off an arm. This is who I am at my soul and spirit. I am an empath, intuitive and deeply sensitive. The reason I cry so easily and hurt so much is the same reason I laugh so heartily and love so deeply. My joy can be as bright as the sun but my pain can also be as deep as the sea.


You see, a life without laughter, love, cake or joy just wouldn't be worth living to me.

But a life without tears, despair or heartbreak would make those moments of joy empty.

I would rather live my life with my heart open to all the intense emotions of being alive than closing myself off to a numb life of mediocrity.

When I cry it reminds me of the humbling immense struggle it is to live a life of meaning, and how that struggle unites us.

And when I laugh, the joy in my heart soars out of my soul to dance among the stars.

I feel it all, for better or for worse because I have no other option. 

For joy would not exist without sadness, and sadness would have no worth without joy.

And so, I can either choose a pain free life of quiet numb desperation

Or I can choose a thrilling pain filled life full of fierce feeling wonder.

So for better or for worse l choose wonder, I choose to feel the good, bad, funny and sad.

I choose to feel the fear, doubt and uncertainty that can sometimes feel crippling and suffocating.

I choose the daring magical adventure of living a vulnerable, messy, human life.

I choose despair, I choose joy, and I choose love. I choose to feel it all,

because I choose life.

How to be unhappy

How to be unhappy:


Compare yourself to everyone.

Hold grudges till the end of time.

See the worst in people and the world.

Never spend time in nature, why would you when you can stay in an artificial man made box?

Buy things you don’t need and cant afford.

At all costs, don’t be yourself.

Never venture out of your comfort zone, live as easy and relaxed of a life as possible.

Read the news.

Complain about everything, I mean why not eh?

Only take from others and the world.

Never challenge yourself.

Settle. Live in complacency and don’t fight for what you want.

And most importantly never smile.

Adelaide was

Adelaide was happiness,

It was home.

It was the best time of my life.

It was over four months in this quaint, beautiful, humble city.

It was truly starting to put down roots for the first time since hitting the road and it was both frightening and incredible.

It was the most beautiful community of like-minded high vibe-ing people, who I just simply couldn’t get enough of.

It was forming such genuine heartwarming friendships that it just lights up my life and soul. Seriously, the amount of life long friends that I’ve made here is just overwhelmingly surreal it just makes me grin with glee and delight. I don’t know where all these beautiful people came from, or even how they entered my life, but I know that there is not one day that I don’t feel ridiculously grateful to have their light and love in my life. I know that I am the richest person in the world because I’ve been blessed with these treasures. The simple treasures of love and of friendship.

It was spending hours exploring new roads and riding in the sun.

It was seeing the most incredible scenery on the bike, and just being immersed in the Adelaide hills.

It was truly falling in love with and getting serious about cycling.

It was finding my voice on youtube, and loving the platform more than ever.

It was realizing how much I truly love just living and FEELING. Feeling hurt, love, passion, sadness and all ranges of emotions.

It was becoming the happiest, healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been.

It was being surrounded by people that just have a contagiously insatiable appetite for life, adventure and love. People that have the desire and NEED to go out into the world and express their true selves, and make a positive impact on this planet. People who are earth shakers, innovators, go getters, inspirations, game changers, and thought leaders.It was chasing and finding my bliss in this quaint little city. I found it in friends, in the peaceful serenity of the Adelaide hills, I found it in my own self growth, I found it in strangers at the market, in a cup of warm tea, in the familiar smile of a loved one, in the pain which signals progress, at the bottom of a tahini jar, in gratitude for what I have, and in the present moment.                                                                                                                  It was feeling so blessed to have such GENUINE caring loving people in my life that I can love and that can love me. I just am speechless and utterly overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about it and I feel like the luckiest gal in the world to have stumbled across these humble gems. I feel so fucking rich with love that I feel as if I could die tomorrow and know that I have genuinely loved and been loved.


In Adelaide I became the person that I’ve always wanted to be. And that person isn’t defined by a physical appearance, financial stability, a level of fitness, or anything physical for that matter, rather it’s defined simply as a feeling, a feeling of genuine unapologetic and irrevocable happiness. I have learnt more about myself, what I value, what I love, who I love, what my passions are, where I draw purpose, and everyday I am one step closer to loving myself unconditionally.

So cheers to Adelaide, cheers to all the wonderful souls that inhabit this city, cheers to everyone who’s challenged me, inspired me, pushed me, supported me, and loved me. This one’s for you. I owe the person I am today to you. And I thank you for that.

You know what I love?

You know what I love? people. people that just have a contagiously insatiable appetite for life, adventure and love. People that have the desire and NEED to go out into the world and express their true selves, and make a positive impact on this planet. People who are are earth shakers, innovators, go getters, inspirations, game changers, and thought leaders. And if you think there’s no one in your life that fits this description, you may be deceived, for sometimes these people come in the form of your humble gardener, the cashier at your local store, your mother, your co worker, your best friend. I think that everyone has within them an innate desire and zeal to live life to the fullest, but for some of us it may reside deep within our souls, in a part of our soul that’s in a deep slumber. They may need a spark to wake their sleepy soul into revelry and action. You can be that spark, we can all be that spark.