Sunshine Coast was


Sunshine Coast was being surrounded by the most incredible, lush, beautiful nature.

It was meeting and staying with the most beautiful family with such kind hearts.

It was hikes, swims, and exploration.

It was rolling hills that reminded me of scenes from Lord of the Rings.

It was the most breathtaking sunrises, with vivid colours, and mist over the land.

It was encountering cows, and realizing how gentle, curious and beautiful they are. Connecting with them on an emotional and physical level reaffirmed my vow to never partake in animal cruelty and to be the voice for the voiceless innocent animals slaughtered daily.

It was swimming in Rock pools, seeing dolphins, finding koalas, and even spotting kangaroos.

It was vegan cookies and jelly donuts.

It was reigniting my affinity for nature.

It was bliss.