Can I be a fairy?

What is life?

What are souls and what are they composed of?

Does love feel the same for everyone?

Does everyone see colour the same way I do? Does a red look the same to my friend or do they see green every time I see red?

Do unicorns exist?

Can I be a fairy… please? Pretty please?

Do birds ever get asked the question: what do you want to be when you grow up?

How is it that music has such immense power over us? How turning on music can change our mood so dramatically for better or worse.

Will I ever get to live on Mars?

Will humans persist or eventually fade into oblivion?

Is all of THIS a dream?

What is the internet?! Someone tell me please, I still don’t get it!

Will the unnecessary consumption of animal products ever cease?!

Where is neverland? Can someone take me there to meet Peter Pan?

Is there a beginning and an end to our world?

Was something created out of nothing or was something always there? What’s outside of our universe?

Is there a higher power?

How do our brains formulate thought?

Exactly what is this unseen force of energy?

What is the man sitting across from me in this coffee shop laughing at as he scrolls through his phone? And how did he get that scar on his left cheek?

Why is chocolate so fucking tasty?

Why are elbows so flipping weird? Seriously… look at them, they’re wrinkly, awkward and ugly. Lol.

Will I ever find the answer to any of these questions?

Will I ever find my truth?

How do I know if what makes me happy actually makes me happy or if I just think they make me happy?

How will I know? Well, anyways I guess that’s the point in and of itself, I’ll never know.

I’ll never have all the answers, because I’ll never run out of questions. That’s the bittersweet burden of having a curious mind and searching soul. It keeps life interesting and intriguing, but also so dang confusing. But confusing in a good hilarious mystical way.

(just a little peek into the inner dialogue and inner workings of my strange and curious mind)