Gold Coast was

Gold Coast was THE SUN AND THE SEA.

It was truly and inexplicably falling head over heels for the great blue beyond.

It was embracing the salty hair, and sandy skin.

It was appreciating the vast role that the marine ecosystem plays on our lives on earth.

It was rest. Sleeping in till 10, lying on the beach all day, and just taking some time to reset and recharge.

It was staying in Palm Beach with my gorgeously kind friend Sophie and her curious cat.


It was meeting my soul sister and brother CAM AND NINA. I’ve rarely felt so much love and wanted two (pretty much) strangers to be so happy. I’ve only actually hung out with them twice, but seriously I feel like they are two of my best friends… I hope they feel the same! HAHA. I cant wait to live this life, and see where our friendship and creative minds can take us.

It was also realizing a very curious phenomenon. Being away from Brisbane made me realize how at home I had truly felt there. The Gold Coast was everything I’d wanted and more, it had sun, beaches, the BEST vegan food, and a relaxed vibe. And Brisbane has well… none of those. Granted it has yummy vegan food, but really it’s just a city. I always thought I would love places for their nature and what the geography has to offer, but this trip is making me realize more and more that it truly is the people that make a city and make an experience. So despite my best intentions of wanting to dislike the City of Brisbane… I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT PURELY BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE. So now here I am… back in Brissy!

I feel like my time in Gold Coast provided some much needed clarity on my current state in life, what I’m looking for, and what I value.

Thank you Gold Coast, for healing many of my wounds, and for rejuvenating my spirits.