Melbourne was


Melbourne was a city humming with life. It surprised me with it's booming vegan scene, hip culture, and kind people. 

It was learning more about what I want, and what I struggle with. It forced me to face my fears head on and tackle them without letting the fear permeate my soul and corrupt me.

It was Vegan food on steroids. Vegie bar chocolate cake and burritos. Young Greens pho, tiramisu, white choc cake, and green curry. Loving huts sticky date pudding, dumplings, and sweet and sour "pork." Smith and Deli's Croissants. Combi's salted caramel square, raw donuts, mango passionfruit cheesecake, and acai bowl. Pana chocolates blueberry banana raw cake. Fina's mint choc cake. Shoku Iku's nutella banana pancakes. 

It was total freedom from restriction. Besides staying vegan, all rules were out the window, and it was eating out and indulging every meal everyday and loving it. It was the first time I had truly let go and be at peace with not obsessing over my food and what was in it. It was just utter and total release from those rules and restrictions, and pure and complete bliss.

It was meeting and connecting with new and old friends. Sharing my story and hearing theirs. Having insightful, invigorating, and inspiring conversations that made me want to laugh, cry, hug them, jump up and down all at the same time. It was opening up to others about my struggles, and being transparent with what I've endured and overcome.

It was realizing more than ever that health starts from within. That to me, health is much less about what I put in to my body, than what I put in to my brain. That the mental component of health and happiness to me is far more impactful than any kind of diet or exercise routine. That happiness starts as a conscious decision and is coloured by ones perspective. 

It was understanding that right is right and left is left, but to someone else right may be left, and left may be right. And that those differences in perspective are what make us unique individuals.

It was regaining my aussie accent, and picking up some new aussie lingo.

It was a confusing time for my heart. Knowing that what I needed wasn't what I wanted, and what I wanted wasn't what I needed. 

It was meeting Jenny, someone that I truly felt like I'd known for ages. Meeting someone who was just as jazzed about life and more importantly someone who could eat as much as me, and be a fatty vegan with me! HEHE.

Melbourne was spending every other second lost, or in the process of "getting lost".

it was infinite train stations and trams that confused the hell outta me.

it was cars driving on the left side of the road (WIERD).

It was the most beautiful graffiti all over the city. 

It was me feeling lost both physically and spiritually, having a moment of complete panic thinking, what am I doing here in australia... where am I going? what is my future? what is my path? But it was also me realizing that my path is wherever my feet take me, and wherever my heart wills me to go.

But mostly, it was me realizing how in love and utterly infatuated with life I am. Me finally seeing my life from a birdseye view and understanding and appreciating how every experience I've ever had has influenced and shaped me. It was me practicing the act of choosing gratitude everyday. And it was me, truly feeling utterly and immensely blessed for this life that I'm living, for the people in my life, the mistakes I've made, the lessons I've learned, the insights I've gained, the dreams I've dreamt, the challenges I've overcome, the struggles I'm yet to face, the adventures that await me, the ambitions I posses, the love I hold in my heart, the fire I have in my stomach, the strength I carry in my body and mind, the courage I have in my soul, and the gleam I have in my eyes.