Sydney was

Sydney was quite a magical time.

It was uncharacteristically grey, dreary, and wet. But regardless of the weather and the physical environment I had the most incredible time, because I was surrounded by the most incredible people.

It was spending time with seriously rad people. There's such a beautiful crew of enlightened beings here in Sydney.

It was BUBBLE TEA, gelato sundaes, vegan pizza, YUM CHA, BBQ PORK BUNS, AND OH SO MUCH ASIAN FOOD.

It was reading THE NAME OF THE WIND, and becoming absolutely infatuated with everything about that book and how it came into my life. It was reading in the park while being baked by the sun, and tearing up over how beautiful his description of love was. It was devouring the book and finishing it by reading in every spare second I had. Whether it was on the train, waiting for friends, before bed, first thing in the morning, and every thing in between. It meant that instagram, youtube, my writing and every other book I was previously reading took a back seat to this book. It was just getting lost in its fantastical world, and delving so deep into the world of Kvothe, that I forgot the worries of Steph. 

It was realizing that I was absolutely drained and exhausted from these 40 odd days of travelling. As incredible as it has all been, it's also been ridiculously taxing for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. So Sydney was definitely a chance for me to recuperate, and recharge before my adventures in New Zealand.

It was feeling the wrath and mighty power of nature. Realizing how insignificant we are and how magical our everyday lives are.

It was being caught in the rain, and loving every second of it. 

It was struggling with some of my past demons of my mind, but realizing that every battle just makes me that much tougher and wiser. And just 

It was being surrounded by so many incredible examples of loving beautiful relationships, which made me crave that in my life as well.

It was staying with the most gentle, loving, beautiful couple I have ever encountered. It was feeling like I was missing something in my life, missing that lifelong companion.

It was buying a sexy ass bike. Black, sleek, shimano 105, 11 speed...YES. SEXY.


It was crying tears of joy, laughing hysterically in the rain, drinking tea on a windy day, reading by the water, talking with true friends, getting lost in a fantastical world through my book, finding my self worth from internal sources, confronting my unhealthy attachment to certain tendencies, appreciating and rediscovering the beauty of resting and taking a pause in life, and realizing that I am enough. We are all, right now in this moment so unbelievably enough. We are all worthy of love and respect. We are all perfectly imperfect beings. And we all have the capability and deserve to be so unapologetically and inexplicably HAPPY.