Auckland was

Auckland was wonderful.

It was a time for me to reset, rest my mind, and just spend time with my two pals Biggi and Gruffuth.

It was the first time that I had someone else making or helping make decisions for me.

It was waking up to crisp cold mornings on a beautiful lake.

It was discovering So Good vanilla soy ice cream, and eating whole tubs on my own.

It was truly falling in love with my beautiful friends. And realizing how caring, kind, hilarious, snarky, and wonderful they are.

It was long rides in the beautiful Waitakere ranges.

It was my first time riding my new Canondale Bike.

It was pushing myself athletically for the first time in ages. Training with Biggi and Gruffuth who are both WAY fitter than me is definitely forcing me to challenge myself in the best way possible.

It was being reunited with two of my fav people in the world: Johnnie and Michelle.

It was hosting a meetup in Auckland and meeting so many lovely souls.

It was the best BURGERZ EVER. A moist deep fried pumpkin walnut patty… YUM.

It was eating cereal multiple times a day everyday. Mostly NUTRIGRAIN, YUM.

It was going to Tart Bakery, and trying donuts, pies, croissants, danishes, and “chicken” sandwiches. But mostly it was meeting the owner of the bakery, who is truly the most delightful human ever. So full of enthusiasm, and eclectic personality.

It was going to the Vegan Deli and having the most genuine egg salad sandwich and quiches since going vegan.

It was dreamy as can be, and the perfect way to kick off my adventures in NZ