Napier was

Napier was crazy.

It was a little pocket of sunny paradise in the North Island, the most perfect, quaint little beach town on the east coast.

It was learning how to play the piano again, and just falling in love with the magic of being able to make music. Like how incredible is it that your fingers, dancing across black and white keys can create the most melodic mesmerizing tune.

It was going for slow morning jogs on the beach.

It was literally hummus, bread, rice, cereal, peanut butter & jam everyday. SO MUCH HUMMUS. Like literally two jumbo tubs in one meal…

It was eating a box of ginger snap cookies with soymilk. I felt like a kid again, a kid getting excited for Christmas.

It was missing my brothers. Being around these two guys, bickering with them, being snarky with them, annoying them, yet knowing that regardless of what I did that they’d love and forgive me, reminded me of how I am with my brothers, and it made me appreciate them so much for their simple unwavering love of me.

It was having a near death experience and almost getting caught in a riptide and swept out to sea. It was crazy hectic and scary as fuck. But when I was in the midst of it, beginning to panic, and getting pushed towards the rocks, my friends swam out and basically saved my life. I don’t think you can find better friends than that, and it just really overwhelmed me with gratitude and love for them. They are amazing, I owe them my life, and I will never forget that.

Napier was crazy incredible, crazy scary, crazy emotional, but mostly it was crazy good times.

I will never forget you Napier, you are a beautiful little nook of New Zealand that I have just fallen deeply in love with. This is not goodbye; I will see you again soon.