You know what I love?

You know what I love? people. people that just have a contagiously insatiable appetite for life, adventure and love. People that have the desire and NEED to go out into the world and express their true selves, and make a positive impact on this planet. People who are are earth shakers, innovators, go getters, inspirations, game changers, and thought leaders. And if you think there’s no one in your life that fits this description, you may be deceived, for sometimes these people come in the form of your humble gardener, the cashier at your local store, your mother, your co worker, your best friend. I think that everyone has within them an innate desire and zeal to live life to the fullest, but for some of us it may reside deep within our souls, in a part of our soul that’s in a deep slumber. They may need a spark to wake their sleepy soul into revelry and action. You can be that spark, we can all be that spark.